In order to refresh your living space, it is enough to freshen up the walls. They are often the largest area in the interior and they rather affect the overall experience of the space, so the selection of the right colors, materials and motifs on the walls will depend on how effectively you will revive all the space.


In order to treat the walls, you don’t have to paint them or stick wallpaper – in purpose of their animations, coating of the walls in different materials is increasingly popular. Natural stone is recently very present in the interior design on the parts of the walls or pillars that you want to emphasize. Also, with the plastic coatings on the walls we can create desired shapes.

In recent years’ wallpapers have experienced a real comeback in the decoration of the walls. Accordingly, the choice becomes richer -from rustic, silk to those with 3D effects on plasticized paper. Their big advantage is easier maintenance, long-term protection from dirt and relatively easy replacement. Above all, wallpaper provide an economical, cost effective, and very strong decorative result. The aggressive colors and patterns of the wallpapers should be used on smaller areas in combination with painted walls. If the color of the wallpaper is in cold pastel colors without many patterns and effects, they can be put in more surfaces in the room.


How to avoid traps when choosing colors of the walls? Dark wall can extend the room, while the ceiling in rooms where is spent most of the time, such as the dining room or living room, should be white. General perception that dark colors reduce the space it’s often misunderstood. Dark colors can obtain depth and a feeling of more space.

Colors of the walls should be chosen in relation to each of the interior fittings. A lot of dark furniture in one area will certainly require a lighter color of the walls. You should pay attention when choosing a strong primary colors – red, blue and yellow – often after a while they start to irritate users. Using a clay, pastel colors for the walls is certainly a win combination.

Regardless of the fact that for any work on wall surfaces you will need certain knowledge, it certainly does not mean that you can experiment and look for the ways to fulfill your own ideas.It is always good to have some handmade action in your space. We are sure that you will like the wall that you painted yourself more, than the wall that painter did and he didn’t get to do it in a way you like.


Experiment with colors (certainly from the same spectrum), because the intervention on the walls can give you a whole new look of your home.

Three is a magical number. Increasingly popular in recent years, this kind of artwork from the three parts can be quite expensive. But, you can make it yourself. Instead of a unique art, with the internet you can download the free image, print it in large format, cut it into three pieces and frame it.