6 tips for proper cleaning and maintenance of clothes


Learn about the proper care of clothing, to be able to wear it for a long time. Your favorite dresses, trousers, jackets and shirts for years will look like new, and the arms and legs will seem deformed. These tips will reveal how to achieve it.

Wash at a lower temperature

Before inserting the laundry, empty all pockets, zip it up and fasten all the buttons on shirts. If you are unsure about cleaning programs, know that cotton clothing that is too dirty should not be washed at temperatures greater than 40 degrees. At 90 degrees, with strong centrifuge should be cleaned only very dirty clothes, linens, towels and underwear.

 Hand Wash for NEW THINGS

 If you’re not sure whether it will let the color of a new thing, the first time you wash by hand in lukewarm water. Wait until the detergent is completely dissolved in water, and then insert the clothes. If you wipe a brush, use only soft, so as not to damage the fabric.


Carefully with bleach

Before you decide to use a bleaching agent, thoroughly read the label to know whether it ever submitted material. Read the instructions on the bleach, follow the prescribed proportion and procedure otherwise you’ll have more harm than good.

How to Iron Shirts

Prepare for clothes ironing 

Before ironing always sort clothing! At the bottom of the basket put things that are ironed at high temperatures, and on top of that which is sufficient and tepid iron. So every time you need to change the temperature, wasting time and wasting electricity. Be sure that your spray bottles are close to you, to be able to moisten the clothing when it dried up.

So Many Hacks To Keep Your Clothes Looking New (2)Iron

Iron must always be clean and smooth. If you notice that the underside of the sticky or rough, clean it with a soft cloth dipped in baking soda. Under no circumstances you should use knives and wire for the courts because it will scratch the Teflon.

Do not dry THINGS IN THE SUN Avoid drying clothes in the sun will fade with time. If you have no other choice, invert it to dry from the back. Tongs always snap to the hidden parts of the clothing such as edges or waist of trousers, sweaters and shirts to avoid leaving a trace. After drying clamps put away the rope to avoid picking up dust that will eventually end up on their clothes. These and a lot more tips you can find on Tuff’s Betty home’s tips. Here you can find how to remove stains with the rest of a products in your houses and without using any chemistry.

The same thing you should do with your furniture. You should always be very careful with your furniture especially if we are talking about bright colors. For the red wine stains use the opposite, yes a white wine. It will remove your stain in a second. And if you still can’t remove in most cases because you pour a white wine too late you can always a call in help Carpet Cleaning Chandler. They are very fast efficient.